• Home Electrical Inspection Remediations

  • The one system of greatest concern to home buyers purchasing a new home is the electrical system.  At Ross Electrical we have electricians who specialize in making the appropriate repairs for your new home. 

    The inspection repairs include:

    • Replacement of devices and the circuit feeding the devices
    • Repair open grounds
    • Repair incorrect polarity
    • Repair open splices and repair connections
    • Service upgrade and service changes
    • Panel upgrade and panel changes 

    We work with Realtors on a daily bases, we help with providing the Realtor an.d the Buyer with a quality, timely service. Realtors can email a copy of the PICRA and the Inspection Report and we will send an estimate the same day

    • Repairs to the main panel and sub panels for proper grounding, bonding, and integrity of connections.
    • Repairs to the grounding system, ground rod, cold water ground and the integrity of the connection.
    • Repairs for proper grounding and connections of supplemental systems such as telephone and cable.
    • Test the operation of all Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters.